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Certificates and Training

Certificates and Training


Kellogg's Painting, Leeds, N.Y 12451 continues to educate employees about safety, paint, industry standards, paint application, tools, equipment and the latest advances in the painting industry.

Kellogg's Painting is a member of the PDCA - Painting and Decorating Contractors of America. The PDCA offers members Contractors College, which Thomas Kellogg the owner of Kellogg's Painting uses to further educate himself and his painters. Other training includes, EPA, Sikkens staining university, Wolman wood care and AEC Daily Courses. 

All employees at Kellogg's Painting go through training. Kellogg's Painting also uses operations manuals ensuring every project is done correctly and exceeds expectations and has a safety program implemented. 

Lead Paint Certificates and training in safety, renovation, painting and the laws- EPA Lead Certified Firm  EPA Lead Certified Renovator  

EPA-HUD Lead Safety Training Certificate 

Asbestos Awareness Certificate - Training 

Sikkens Certified House and Deck Staining Contractor

Wolman Certified Stain Wood Care Professional

PDCA Paint and its Ingredients Certificate

PDCA Paint Color and Decorating Certificate  

Sherwin Williams Paint 101: Paint and Coatings Technology

Certificates and training in using the proper tools and equipment for the specific task including, paint adhesion, preparing surfaces to prevent the paint job from failing and how to properly apply coatings. 

PDCA Application Tools Certificate     

PDCA Exterior Paints Certificate     

Pdca Interior Paints Certificate     

PDCA How To Clean, Prepare and Coat Basement and Garage Floors Certificate 

AEC Daily An Introduction To Priming Certificate

Wooster Paint Brush Company Certificate

PDCA Exterior Surface Preparation Certificate

PDCA Interior Surface Preparation Certificate

Certificates and training in ladder safety

PDCA Ladder Safety Certificate

Werner Ladder Safety Certificate

Step Ladder Safety Certificate From The American Ladder Institute 

Single and Extension Ladder Safety Certificate - The American Ladder Institute